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Ei PCB Factory can meet all your PCB manufacturing needs from single-sided to complex multi-layered PCB's and from prototype through production.

      Here at Ei PCB Factory we work as a team to research and engineer the best PCB possible so that we may better serve your needs. We understand the fast race of the market today and stand ready to provide you with a product of extreme quality as soon as we possibly can.
      Why create hassle for yourself? Stop searching for the answer, and let Ei PCB Factory provide you the perfect solution-the only solution. Come find out why so many are turning to Ei PCB Factory for all of their PCB needs!
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   ►►►Customers from a wide range of industries, such as, military,
automotive, communications, machinery and equipment markets.
 Board Types: Multilayer, SS & DS with or without PTH Base Material: FR3, FR4,CEM1, CEM3 and matherials for high temperature like poliamid etc Copper Thickness: 17.5 um, 35 um, 70 um, 105 um Number of layers:	1,2,4,6,8-24 max Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm PTH diameter: 	0.2 mm min Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm
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