Board Types: Multilayer, SS & DS with or without PTH Base Material: FR3, FR4,CEM1, CEM3 and matherials for high temperature like poliamid etc Copper Thickness: 17.5 um, 35 um, 70 um, 105 um Number of layers:	1,2,4,6,8-24 max Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm PTH diameter: 	0.2 mm min Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm
PCB Assembly
      Expert PCB Assembly services:

-Send us your data and we can have your PCB assembled for you. We offer top quality with fast turn times all at an affordable price.

- Fast turn times

- Small prototype runs

- Large production runs

- Great prices!

- Our assembly work guarantees your board quality and the board itself throughout the assembly process. If a processing problem occurs during the assembly process, we are responsible for board replacement as well as re-assembly.

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