Here at Ei PCB Factory, we are a highly trained and experienced team of CAD/CAM engineers and field sales managers. You can be assured we will deal with any enquiries you may have and promise to place only our finest product on the floor. Below, the following information outlines our manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

Data Formats
                                                        ►DPF, DXF, GERBER(RS274X,RS274D)                                             

Drilling Data                                ► EXCELLON, SIEB MEYER

                                                       ►GraphiCode Power Station
      Ei PCB Factory’s mission is to assist our customers to fulfill their requirements, by manufacturing high quality PCB's with fast turnaround and a goal of reaching 100% customer satisfaction.
      You can depend on Ei PCB Factory for all your PCB needs, from single-sided to complex multi-layered printed circuit boards and from prototype through production. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and testing assure you precise craftsmanship and quick, on-time delivery.
 Board Types: Multilayer, SS & DS with or without PTH Base Material: FR3, FR4,CEM1, CEM3 and matherials for high temperature like poliamid etc Copper Thickness: 17.5 um, 35 um, 70 um, 105 um Number of layers:	1,2,4,6,8-24 max Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm PTH diameter: 	0.2 mm min Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm

Process Capabilities

-Phototool generation (plotter), CAD data acceptance

- Screen imaging, Photo imaging

-Electroless initial through-hole interconnection

-Electrolytic copper plating, Tin-lead plating, Tin plating

-Gold and gold nickel (contact areas)

-Hot air leveling Sn, Solder resist (photodefined and screendefined)

- Colors available, Component Silk-screen (upon customer request)

-Copper conservation coating flux, Peelable resist, Carbon ink

-CNC drilling, CNC routing, Scoring

-Electrical continuty tests, Microsectioning, Measuring gold thickness

For all PCB manufacturing needs!!!

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