The foundation of the Institute for the Production of Radio Sets and Roentgen Machines, "RR Ni ", in 1948, marks the beginning of electronic industry in Nis.
      Production of printed circuts boards began in Serbia in 1964 in the ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY-Niš for our own needs, such as television, radio, and telephones. As a result of continuous improvements in our production line, we made the decision to build a new factory. "Ei-Štampana Kola" became a seperate factory in 1978.
      Soon after, we expanded our market outside of ex Yugoslavia into other parts of Europe and North America. We have been producing multilayer boards since 1986.
 Board Types: Multilayer, SS & DS with or without PTH Base Material: FR3, FR4,CEM1, CEM3 and matherials for high temperature like poliamid etc Copper Thickness: 17.5 um, 35 um, 70 um, 105 um Number of layers:	1,2,4,6,8-24 max Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm PTH diameter: 	0.2 mm min Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm
      We place high significance on low-cost boards of outstanding quality, rapid design and development, quick production and on-time delivery.
       While conducting business with Ei PCB Factory, be assured your product will be assembled in a timely and efficient manner in order to place it in the market quickly. This will save money and guarantee on-time delivery.
We will continue to invest in our company and in our people. The quality of our circuit boards is expected to improve each day, and as stated in our mission, we are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence.

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