Ei PCB Factory is the oldest printed circuit board factory in Serbia. Since 1978, We begun to provide high quality PCB fabrication service to worldwide customers. We are committed to serving our customers and developing long-term relations so we may better meet the needs and concerns of our customers.

       The high standards set for our boards will remain the same: low-cost boards of outstanding quality which can meet specific design needs. While conducting business with Ei PCB Factory, be assured your product will be assembled in a timely and efficient manner in order to place it in the market quickly. This will save money and guarantee on-time delivery. We will continue to invest in our company and in our people. The quality of our circuit boards is expected to improve each day, and as stated in our mission, we are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence.
       We will work with you at every step of the process, From quoting, ordering, quality and shipping, This will save you time and money.

      Choose from one of the following areas to learn more about our PCB company, our products, or instant online pcb quote:      

 Board Types: Multilayer, SS & DS with or without PTH Base Material: FR3, FR4,CEM1, CEM3 and matherials for high temperature like poliamid etc Copper Thickness: 17.5 um, 35 um, 70 um, 105 um Number of layers:	1,2,4,6,8-24 max Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm PTH diameter: 	0.2 mm min Board Thickness: 	0.2-3.2 mm
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